WMS attribute alias with space in it

Discussion created by spiskulaesriuk-esridist Employee on Nov 7, 2011

Is it possible to have a space in an alias of an attribute of a WMS layer ? In my mxd document that I use for the WMS service i have a field called EHVERSION. For testing purpose in the mxd i changed the alias for that attribute to "My Version".

But as I listen to the content being sent to the browser using Firebug i can see that the space gets removed in the JSON response and the browser gets attribute named "MySpace" - with NO space. All this is happening when i am using the identify tool and displaying the identify results.

So in the end in my result panel although i can see that the alias gets set, it does not display EXACTLY what i specified.

Is it possible to maintain the space in the alias? Or is  space a forbidden character in the alias?