beginner: changing map extent on click

Discussion created by monzay on Nov 3, 2011
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I want the map extent to change by clicking on some text. I'm using the example Add Dynamic Map and I have added the following code

function myzoom() {
        var axtent = new esri.geometry.Extent(55.6153456, 5.7191691, 105.6673614, 37.0016790, map.SpatialReference);

I have tried placing it both outside of the init function and inside the init function. In both cases I get an error when I call it
<p id="test" onClick="myZoom();">click for zoom</p>

If I add an alert function outside of the init function
  function nTest(){

and call it from here 
<p id="test2" onClick="nTest();">click for alert</p>

it works.


- Mike