Problem using 'Collect Values' with 'Cell Statistics' in Model Builder

Discussion created by sakuraono on Oct 30, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by dan_xbl

I'm having a lot of trouble getting 'Cell Statistics' to work in Model Builder. In my model, I have some iterations that lead to me having a set of rasters, which are collected by 'Collect Values' (this is done in a sub-model). However, when I use the output of 'Collect Values' (in the main model) as the Input for 'Cell Statistics', I keep getting error. Even though in the ArcGIS Desktop Help page it explicitly said this should work (

I know for a fact that everything else is working in my model because I manually carry them out, and the error message I get is specifically directed towards the input of Cell Statistics. I also know for sure that my iterations are producing the rasters correctly, because when I input them manually (by selecting each raster individually) to 'Cell Statistics' it works fine. It is when I want it to do it automatically (the reason why I'm doing a model) that becomes a problem!

So essentially, the set of rasters I have in the output value of 'Collect Values' cannot feed into the Input of 'Cell Statistics'. In fact, it cannot feed into any other tools that deal with a set of rasters (such as Combine Rasters, or Mosaic to Raster, etc.). So unless I manually specify which rasters to feed into Cell Statistics, it just won't work....

Can anyone help? Or does anyone know if this is actually a bug in the software? because I'm going crazy :(:mad: :confused: and can't seem to figure this out.... please help! thank you very much!!!