Event propagation down to divs inside "map_layers" element

Discussion created by nliu on Oct 10, 2011
Hello group,
Does anybody knows or willing to share if it is possible to let the mouse event reach to a div inside the layers element? That means event on individual layers such as tiled, dynamic layer or any customer layer.
  Right now, the DOM structure is like:

the slider and infor window can capture mouse events, however, event is not reaching further down to individual layers, they all stopped at map_container div and it's children cannot receive any events.
  I can somehow use an external control to temporarily lift my div on top of map_container, so it will receive events such as mouse down/move(drag) etc. It works but have potential side effects with event listeners because the DOM structure changed.
  I also temped messing with z-index, not work as wished.

  The actual use case is to allow google streetview pegman icon draggable when it is loaded into JSAPI as a div inside div map_layers.