Length of flow paths from catchment boundary to river

Discussion created by roj046 on Oct 7, 2011
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I am trying to calculate the length of the path water would take from a catchment boundary to a river within the catchment (basically the shortest path to the river taking the steepest slope each time from each position). I want to calculate this incrementally as I move around the border of the catchment until I have completed a sweep of the catchment boundary. I also want to calculate the difference in height from the start of each path at the catchment boundary to the height of where it joins the river. I have a DEM raster and polygon for the catchment and polyline file for the river already. The DEM was used to calculate the catchment size.

So my output I'd like is all the pathway lengths with their height change all the way around the catchment boundary.

If anyone can help that would be brilliant.