Serving customized data in a customized map viewer without ArcGIS Server

Discussion created by garethmann on Oct 3, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by DSwingley-esristaff
I just recieved a proposal from a consultant mentioning that it is now possible to upload one's own customized GIS data to ArcGIS Online for the purpose of serving it on a webpage, apparently the limit is 1,000 features. Once you get over 1,000 features you need to have ArcGIS Server. (This is what the consultant wrote in their proposal).

I had not heard of this before so I called ESRI Customer Service, the rep on the phone told me that the limit is not actually 1,000 features, it is 2 GB of data and that serving your own data will "usually" require ArcGIS Server. When I asked her to explain what "usually" means, she said that she was not a developer and suggested I try to find out online, so here I am.

My question is simply this: is it possible for someone who does not have ArcGIS Server to serve their own custom GIS data in a map viewer to users over the web without ArcGIS Server?

For example I was envisioning creating a shapefile under 1,000 features / 2 GB (or whatever the limit is), uploading it to ArcGIS Online, and then using something like the JavaScript API to create a map viewer on a web page with that data embedded within. Is this possible to do without the purchase of ArcGIS Server?