IE8 Compatibility, API Version 2.4, Google API hosting Jquery version 1.6.4

Discussion created by aconnolly on Sep 30, 2011
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I have searched high and low for information regarding the javascript API and how to enforce compatibility mode for various browsers, however all I ever find is the meta-tag fix. That says put this in your header tag:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7, IE=9" />

.. and your application will work all versions of IE. I have a couple questions in response to this:

1. How does this affect IE8? IE9?
2. How can we properly test IE8 using the IE9 browser's development tools?
3. Are there any known issues with version 2.4 of the Javascript API and jQuery's latest offering 1.6.2?
4. Are there any known issues with using Google's Library API for hosting jQuery?

We're running into many issues with IE, version 2.4 of the API and, now jQuery.

This is very frustrating and the documentation and resource center don't seem to offer much information in this area.