Image Service Definition Editor

Discussion created by geoakn on Sep 29, 2011
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Along with health, I want to help me with the following:
I have installed on the server Image Server Extensions product version 10, is the first time I use this extension. So I reviewed the documentation ESRI Image server 10, here indicated that there is a toolbar for ArcGIS Desktop Image Service Definition Editor, which allows image processing.

ArcGIS Desktop I have 10 with ArcEditor license, I tried to load the Editor toolbar image service definition, both ArcMap and ArcCatalog from, and is not displayed, so I can not load it.

What is the procedure that I do to see the toolbar and then upload it to my ArcGIS Desktop 10?
Should I install the  Image Server extension on my desktop pc to see the editor toolbar image service definition?

I am grateful to outline the steps to follow, given that even when I read the documentation for ESRI, this does not solve my problem.

Greetings, and thanks