Select by Location + Field Calculator

Discussion created by NDC on Sep 26, 2011
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Hello all.  I'm trying to improve on my automation skills but have hit a road block.  I'm trying to update features in a specific area and replace all SLOPE values of 999 with 0.

I am using model builder and can successfully run select by location to identify the drain features within the defined boundary polygon.  However, I am running into problems using Field Calculator to replace the attributes of those specific drains.

For VB I was using


and I receive a VBA Error code saying "Expected ')'" End of statement as I understand?

I've also tried running it through a python script I had found and tried:

That is returning a syntax error.

I am new to running code and am just jumping in but this would help tremendously to other field classes where I have been stuck using Find&Replace.

Thank you