Memory issues in ArcGIS Routing Sample

Discussion created by tariq2305 on Sep 16, 2011
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I have integrated Routing feature in my app but its allocating too much memory and as a result my application got crash. I have just walk through "ArcGIS Routing Sample" and found the same problem with sample code as well.

In Sample Code: RoutingSampleViewController class

For execute the route task it is written

[self.routeTask solveWithParameters:self.routeTaskParams];

Background arcgis execution happened before coming into this delegate:

- (void)routeTask:(AGSRouteTask *)routeTask operation:(NSOperation *)op didSolveWithResult:(AGSRouteTaskResult *)routeTaskResult

So I have observed using xcode instruments suppose memory allocations is 15MB before starting route feature... and as soon as I start route feature, allocation going very fast and it become 40-50MB if i selected long routes.

Please help me to resolve this issue.