Feature Class to Feature Class in Python Script Extremely Slow

Discussion created by nicosia on Aug 24, 2011
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Since ArcGIS 10 won�??t let me run the �??cov2sde -o append�?? command on a 64-bit box, I thought an acceptable workaround would be 1. �??Feature Class to Feature Class�?? and then, 2. �??Append�??

So I wrote simple Python script to loop through 254 coverages. But whereas the �??cov2sde �??o append�?? command completely processed all polygons and arcs �?? 508 iterations - in approximately 45 �?? 50 minutes, the �??Feature Class to Feature Class�?? portion of my Python script took 14.5 hours! (I haven�??t even tried �??Append�?? yet.)

Has anyone else experienced these unacceptably slow processing times? Is the culprit ArcGIS 10 and/or the service packs? (For better or worse I have SP2 on the 64-bit box.)

Possibly related info:
In July 2010, responding to a user about slow execution of the �??CopyFeatures�?? tool in a Python script, ESRI stated, �??it's very difficult to say why your Python script takes so long.�?� On August 11, 2011, the user stated, �??This appears to be fixed for me at SP2.�?�(�??Feature Class to Feature Class�?? was mentioned as a workaround, but I don�??t believe the user saw any improvement.) �?�

On July 12, 2011, a user reported a bug in ArcGIS 10 SP2 [Exporting a Feature class associated with a network dataset to a shapefile using FC2FC extremely slow] �?�

And, most recently, �??Feature Class to Feature Class�?? with a joined field is just plain slow in ArcGIS 10 regardless if the box has a service pack or not �?�

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