Problem with dojo in JavaScript?

Discussion created by breilly47 on Aug 22, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2011 by breilly47
Sorry I can't be more specific in the title. The other day, 2 of my JavaScript maps stopped working properly while a third kept working. The only thing the two that stopped working have in common is that they contain dojo elements. I brought up Firebug, and received this error when trying to load:

TypeError: Unable to draw graphic (geometry:null, symbol:null): this._gc is null
[Break On This Error] if(!dojo._hasResource["","tr","xx","zh","zh-cn","zh-tw"]);
arcgis?v=2.4 (line 48)

Line 48 in my code is CSS- in ESRI's JavaScript document, at, it contains information about Dojo. Is this a known error, or did I screw something else up? Changing to version 2.3 through 2.1 did not fix my problem, either.