Model Builder: Corresponding Image to Selected Features

Discussion created by NDC on Aug 19, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by NDC
Hello all.

I'm currently on a project of identifying hydro features.  These features are categorized in basins which have corresponding engineer and town images based on a tile system.

I'm looking to automate the process of inserting these images.

Manually, I select by location the PLATIndex to the defined Basin.  Then open selected attributes to get the ID number and open an image folder which contains the subfolders of each image and then drag the .tif files into Arc (9.3).  It's not a huge time consumer normally but I have to do it for three different imaging types and on a slow machine it racks up the time.

I have set up the Select by Location part of the model but am unsure how to proceed.  I'm not sure on how to build a command that says take the selected features and add the corresponding files from point x.  Is this possible via builder or do I need to do it via python?  I have nill python experience but it doesn't seem that bad to get (famous last words?).

It makes sense to me, at first, that it cannot be done in builder because it is a feature within Arc for Arc.  Python will allow me to grab outside features.  Is this thinking correct?? If so, python it is?
Help is greatly appreciated and would speed this up quite a bit!