Model Builder Question : Create Feature, not Feature Class, with Model

Discussion created by bokeefe on Aug 17, 2011
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My question is this... is it possible to build a Model for creating new features?
Let me explain in more depth. I have created Feature Classes (currently MDB stored soon to be SDE) for various city GIS objects (i.e., Buildings, Parking Lots, etc.). Whenever I get a new Subdivision CAD file from the developing engineer I pull it into ArcView, digitize the pieces we use (streets usually and any buildings that might be visible on the plat), then it's time to break out the editing tools.

I right click on my "Location Annotation" feature in my Table of Contents.
Edit Features -> Start Editing -> Select Template (Postal Address) -> Follow Feature -> Enter the Building/House number -> Place the text -> Then I have to enter the building number (again), prefix directional, street name, street type, suffix directional, and the apartment/office/etc (if there is one).

What I am envisioning is this...
Surely there is a way to develop a model that would let me enter the address as one field:
1234 E Somewhere St S

It would break it up into the correct pieces and place those strings in their respective fields of the Annotation Feature class, and ask me if there is another address on that street to enter which would mean I only have to enter the building number because the other pieces are already sitting in memory...

Is this a dream or is it just fantasy?

Trying to Automate a process that whoever is in my position will be doing for as long as we have ESRI... Anyone have an answer for me?

I figured out (with VB) how to do the breaking things apart.. but I still can't get Model Builder to take an input of text (or fields) then wait for me to click on the screen and add a new point feature and populate the feature from, say, an Excel file...

I have an excel sheet loaded with address information.

The dream Model here would do the following:
1.Ask me what Excel file to open
2.Open target Excel sheet
3.Iterate through list of addresses (rows)
4.As it hits an address (row), generate an XYZ feature class (point) and ask me to click to place it
5.Populate the newly placed feature class with specific fields from the Excel sheet

Is this possible?