Creating a new Python tool is too complicated

Discussion created by kimo on Aug 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2011 by cfox-esristaff
I tend to create a new tool in a 'top-down' process:

  • Create a new toolbox

  • Add a new tool

  • Add in the parameters

  • Edit the documentation for the general purpose

  • Open the script to start writing

At Win 7 this has got even harder if you do not have Administrator access to streamline Windoze.

"Adding" a script is not appropriate because I have yet to create the script.
It would be useful to be able to create an empty file with a py suffix right there.

In the absence of a create, you can open the folder with the common dialog and create a text file on the fly and change the name and extension. Then select your new file. But this is impossible unless file extension types have been made visible in Windows control panel. This could also be eased if a file type of Python script was added to the registry so you could create a python script file as an option.

The only other way is to open PythonWin separately and save a script before you start a new tool.
That is not very integrated and is confusing when teaching students. It should be possible to work entirely inside ArcMap to manage the whole toolbox/scripting process.