GeoPortal - Grails and JavaScript API

Discussion created by tintiifax on Aug 9, 2011
i have a design problem for my app to use javascrip, flex or silverligth and i want to ask you if javascript is the right choice for this project.

i am developing a geo portal with groovy on grails which contains all spatial resources as references like WMS, KML and MapService links to an ArcGIS Server.

The next step is to develop a MapViewer to combine all these resources on a map and to style online one or more layers (from the arcgis server)

so my question
what is the best api for the viewer to load dynamically the layers (wms,kml,mapservice) from the portal into a mapviewer.

my first choice is javascript api because i can generate the javascript on the fly wit the groovy on grails app.
what do you think?

best regards