Loading... message - what event to connect to?

Discussion created by jgonsoski on Apr 7, 2010
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I'm creating an application based on the JavaScript API Viewer sample. I have a simple GIF that displays a Loading... message that I wish to hide after all the map layers display on-screen.

I've tried to tie hiding the message to various events and they all fire too soon for my dynamic ArcSDE-based service which can take as long as 5 seconds on average to appear.

I've tested connecting hiding the message to 1) map onLoad 2) map onLayerAdd 3) layer onLoad and 4) layer onUpdate and all these events seem to fire too soon.

I'm specifically looking for an event that screams 'I am all done and the map is completely displayed'. But what event is that?

Any help is appreciated.

Jim G.
GIS Specialist, Mn Dept of Agriculture