Make Query Table error

Discussion created by cblinnmrc on Jul 25, 2011
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I have made a very extensive model in ModelBuilder that keeps getting a 999999 error when trying to run a "Make Query Table" tool.  The message dialogue says it has trouble processing a certain, below is the python script of where the error occurs:

# Process: Make Query Table...
gp.MakeQueryTable_management("'W:\\JointDepartments\\Tyler\\Model_Test\\New Personal Geodatabase.mdb\\PropMast'", QueryTable, "USE_KEY_FIELDS", "PropMast.OBJECTID", "PropMast.parcel_code PropMast.parcel_code;PropMast.property_use_code 
PropMast._bedroom_units;PropMast._bedroom_units_1 PropMast._bedroom_units_1;PropMast._or_more_units 

I am not sure why this field is causing the error.

Below is the error message:

Start Time: Mon Jul 25 16:49:01 2011
ERROR 999999: Error executing function.
Syntax error in query expression 'PropMast._bedroom_units'.
Failed to execute (Make Query Table).
End Time: Mon Jul 25 16:49:01 2011 (Elapsed Time: 0.00 seconds)

Any help is appreciated!