Null Values in Excel Spreadsheet Import

Discussion created by paulevano on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by tkowal
Hi there,

I want to create a dataset of vector data based on ADCP tidal flow data in ArcScene 10. I have managed to add the data, which is in an Excel spreadsheet into ArcScene, however, the data contained zero values for where there was no data (i.e. below the seabed). When I plotted the vectors based on magnitude and direction, the columns that contained no data (i.e. had zeros in the cells) was still plotted.

To try and rectify this I changed all these cells to blank and re-imported the data. This seemed to work when I opened the table in ArcScene (i.e. the blank cells had a "<null>" value, however, when I exported the data to a shapefile, it did not retain the "<null>" value and instead the columns were either blank or had a zero in.

Does anyone know an easy way to either open up an Excel spreadsheet in ArcScene and change all zero values to Null or retain the Null values when I export to a Shapefile?

Thank you.