Workflow to create featues from file

Discussion created by trovicorgis01 on Jul 23, 2011
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Dear all,

bear with me if I don't use the right terms in my question, but this is a totaly new topic for me and I have absolutely no clue where to start :-o

To start with, I have a raster map. This raster map shall get an additional layer showing a large number of circles at given points of a given diameter.

I can create a feature class, add it as a layer to my map, and draw my circles using ArcMap editing functions. However, I have the coordinates of the circles (x/y of center and diameter) in a text file  and I need to automate the creation of the features.

I was told to create a model using model builder, but looking at the available functions in the toolbox I do not know were to start and what to use.

Thank you, Manfred (clueless)