Memory limitations (too many process)

Discussion created by murilodsv on Jul 21, 2011
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Hi There,
I made a model for extract values from NetCDF files and convert then to a .CSV table which contains "lat, long, value" fields. But its too many processes (kind of 42000) and when it gets 3000 process the model start to run more and more slow, I think its because the memory cache.

I'm using only 2 tools, "Make NetCDF Table View" and "Table To Excel" (Downloaded from esri tool source)

Look the Elapsed Time, for the "Make NetCDF Table View" process its always 1.00 second, but for "Table To Excel" the Elapsed Time increases...

Executed (Make NetCDF Table View) successfully.
End Time: Thu Jul 21 16:33:57 2011 (Elapsed Time: 1.00 seconds)
Executing (Table To Excel): TableToExcel HADCM3_SRA1B_1_N_prc_1-2399_ %DIRETORIO_SAIDA%%NOME_SAIDA%%VARIAL%_%slice%.csv CSV
Start Time: Thu Jul 21 16:33:57 2011
Running script TableToExcel...
Completed script TableToExcel...
Executed (Table To Excel) successfully.
End Time: Thu Jul 21 16:34:05 2011 (Elapsed Time: 8.00 seconds)
Executing (Make NetCDF Table View): MakeNetCDFTableView C:\Murilo\MODELOS_IPCC\NETCDF\ %VARIAL% HADCM3_SRA1B_1_N_prc_1-2399_ lat;loCompleted script TableToExcel...

I'm using a win7 - 64bits, 8GB RAM, 3 GHZ.

Does anybody can help me?