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Attribute Information for Dynamic Map Service

Question asked by DuncanRager on Jul 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by DuncanRager

I'm a little confused about the use of a Dynamic Map Service (DMS) for display of custom polyline symbology alongside the querying capabilities of a Feature Layer.

I have a DMS setup to display 15 different layers... the app also uses 2 checklists to reference these layers, (1) to toggle the layers' visibility and (2) to set layer definitions.

I would now like to add the function of displaying attributes about the features in an info window. It seems as if this isn't possible with a DMS, but is the purpose of Feature Layers. This problem is addressed with respect to editing in the following paragraph from ESRI's JS API Concepts page...

Selection only mode does not initially request any features. Features are added only when a selection is made. This mode is useful when you cannot or do not want to bring all features into the client, but you want to highlight one or more features for a certain reason.

For example, suppose you have a roads layer that's configured to use cartographic representations, which are not supported for display using a feature layer. You want to perform some Web editing on the roads, but that requires a feature layer. What do you do?

In this scenario, you configure a dynamic map service to show the roads, then use a feature layer with selection only mode to display just the road currently being edited. This selected road is drawn using a simple client-side symbol. Once the edit is applied, you can clear the selection and refresh the dynamic map service to see the updated roads.

Does this mean that the feature layer would be present in the map, ontop of the exact same features of the DMS, and invisible until selected, and then only appearing to be selected from the DMS?

When using selection only mode, would I need to apply the same spatial queries on the Feature Layers as I am on the layers of the DMS?

And finally, would this technique apply to simply showing attribute information in an info window as opposed to editing as the concepts page suggests?

Any comments to clear this up would be much appreciated, thank you.