Identifying points under polygons after spatial joint

Discussion created by martirosas on Jul 13, 2011
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Dear all,
I have posted this question in the general forum but without success. I am sure this is a pretty easy question and I am sorry if it has been answered before but I cannot find it anywhere. I am really desperate since I think it should be obvious and a usual geoprocessing need! The question is the following: I have a point layer (cities) and a polygon layer which are the polygon circular buffers of the aforementioned points for a specified distance (i.e., 10 km radii). I want to know which and how many of these cities fall within the limits of each buffer. If I perform a spatial joint, I will obtain (in the COUNT column) HOW MANY points I have under a certain polygon. But WHICH ARE THEY? I know I have, let's say, three points under polygon 4, but how can I obtain the OID's (or any other attribute for the case) of these points?
Thank you very much and cheers from Barcelona!