Layers not displaying

Discussion created by mikej55 on Jul 11, 2011

I'm working with some code that uses the ArcGis API, version 2.3 to provide a map interface for an Asp.net MVC3 application.  I can display the map in a div using a mixture of html and JQuery and then add points to the map and have them saved to a database.  The problem that I'm having is that if I navigate from the current page to another page, 2 (and possibly all) of my layers don't seem to load.  The affected layers relate to the activity point and a facility boundary.  If I reload the entire application, this seems to resolve the problem. 

Any suggestions?  When I do a quick watch on the map and the layers that have been added to it, I see all the neccessary layers.  When I check the url for each layer, I seem to be able to get back valid data.