Joining points to a SQL database by attributes for thematic mapping

Discussion created by abrown31 on Jul 5, 2011
I'm currently working on a thematic mapper for a web application that I'm developing, and I'm trying to display dynamic chemical concentrations at given points throughout the viewing area.

Right now, I'm able to connect and successfully join a table from our analytical SQL instance by the point ID of the point location. Within ArcMap, I'm able to ID a given point and return the value of any given chemical at this specific location.

I'm trying to keep it simple right now and just symbolize the points by using a range of different symbol sizes that represent the chemical concentration.

The points are currently stored using ArcSDE, but in a different database on a different server.

Has anybody had any experience dealing with joins between their mapping application and another SQL database? Or even creating a thematic map based on point values?