Python and Visual Studio Express

Discussion created by jpartlow on Jun 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2011 by JScheirer-esristaff
I would like to build some some interfaces into ArcInfo to do some raster/grid analsis, loading .lyr files, etc.  I have previously used VBA and ArcObjects.  But would like to try either 9.3 arcscripting and/or 10 ArcPy.  After reading the "Recycling VBA - Converting existing projects to ArcGIS Add-ins" - Spring 2011 ArcUser - the following questions remain.  Any clarification is appreciated...

1) Is it possible to code up forms in Visual Studio Express that could call custom *.py (ArcPy and/or arcgisscripting) python scripts?

2) Given that I will be using ArcGIS 10.x is Visual Studio Express 2008 or Visual Studio Express 2010 more recommened in terms of compatibilty and/or functionality.

3) Any other general advice on coding more course grained objects with a fairly rich GUI as easily as possible.

Thanks in advance