Making points on a visible layer, clickable with a popup

Discussion created by ali7789v4 on Jun 15, 2011
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I want to do something which appears to be more complicated than I first thought, although it's probably simple for someone who knows what they're doing.

I have a map, with some vectors that you can click on to find out information about. Which is fine, but in another layer of my MSD, I have some points - just markers that indicate locations of facilities.

At the moment when I make the points layer visible (using the standard buildLayerList/updateLayerVisibility function from the ESRI examples) they markers appear on top of the vectors - which is exaclty right.

I want to make the markers clickable, so that when you click on them, you get a popup about the facility's name etc. I'm not sure how to do this!!!

Do I need to actually do a small buffer search on the specific points layer?

As the vectors will be clickable, and I want the facilities to be too, I'm not sure how to handle that without having a seperate tool, but that's a seperate issue - the major issue I have is being able to make them clickable once they are visible.

Hope that makes sense and grateful for any help you can give.