Custom SOE in ArcGIS Server 10 - REST API - InValid URL

Discussion created by govindtm on Jun 5, 2011
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I am working on developing a Custom SOE using ArcGIS Server 10  SP 2 and .Net 3.5 Framework. This SOE is for performing Network Analysis on a Utility Network.

Issue: Clicking on the Custom SOE listed in the supported extensions in the services directory (in IE) displays Invalid URL

Description: I have developed the SOE using ESRI .Net REST Template in VS 2008 and registered it as per the instructions. The SOE has been enabled on a map service and the custom property page implemented for ArcCatalog using which I am able to assign the parameters. The values are properly getting stored in the MapService .cfg file. The SOE is also recorded in ServerTypesExt.dat file in the ArcGIS Server home server/system folder

But when i access the service URL in IE

I get a message InValid URL.

After many attempts, I found this to be a bug identified in ArcGIS 10 pre-release i.e. 9.4 Beta 2.

ESRI Wikis - ArcGIS Server 10 PreRelease known issues:
NIM052845  Supported Extensions link in Services Directory should be shown only for Custom Server Object Extensions. Currently clicking on this link will return an "Invalid URL" error message.
Issue in:   9.4 Beta 2
But the status of this bug according to ESRI is closed as on Jan 2010.

Is anyone experiencing similar problems? pls let me know.

Secondly I used a simple .Net application to access the SOE using IServerObjectManager and i am able to access the SOE. This was used with IRESTRequestHandler interface to invoke the  GetSchema method which returns the values properly.

Inspite of these the problem continues and left clueless where it is going wrong.


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