ArcGIS Services work in Silverlight app but not in the JavaScript API

Discussion created by Dhliwayo on May 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2011 by Dhliwayo
Hi collegues,

I have a couple of services created in ArcGIS Server 9.3.1  and they work well in my silverlight application. However trying to use the same services using the JS API, they don't work. I am new to the JS API and am wondering if there is any confuguration which I need to do. I have tried pasting the server url in and clicking the "ArcGIS JavaScript" link and it gives a blank page. My web server is located on the same machine as my GIS server. The machine is a virtual machine running window server 2003.

The services a Dynamic service layers.

I am happy to provide any addition info, otherwise thank you for helping me out.