Insert (add) fails

Discussion created by WarrenMedernach on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by agesriuser
Hello all,
I have some simple point data in an ArcSDE geodatabase, I have published the data to ArcGIS Server, and I'm getting my feet wet with the JavaScript API.

Using the samples provided, and substituting my FeatureServers, I can get updates and deletes to work fine, but adds (inserts) do not work.

The response to the applyEdits on an insert is:
{"addResults":[{"objectId":-1,"globalId" : null,"success":false,"error":{"code":-2147216100,"description":"Error while inserting populated row into Insert Cursor"}}],"updateResults":[],"deleteResults":[]}

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Warren M