use own marker, onclick and html pop up window

Discussion created by bibo164 on May 23, 2011
Latest reply on May 23, 2011 by DSwingley-esristaff
Hello everyone,
i would like to use my own map, without a basemap in a web page. (my map is uploaded on arcserver)

then i would like to add some markers that i designed myself and uploaded them on arcserver. so i can import them.

the next thing i would like to add is a specific pop up window for each marker that shows some html formatted text or maybe a pic as well. it should pop up when i click on the marker. but not just an infowindow that shows the content table of the marker.

i worked all that out for google maps, but i cant find the right parts in the esri forums and bring them together. i am sruggeling with the sourcecode of esri.

I guess there is quite an easy way of doing it, but as i said, i couldnt find it yet.
this forum helped me with lots of problems yet and i am shure you guys have an aswer for that as well. would be great if you could post some examples of the source code as well, cause as i said i am new to this.
hope to hear of you soon