Instability when running multiple models at once

Discussion created by mikedmanak on May 21, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by LukeW
I'm running a model in ArcGIS 10 to iterate through ASCII LIDAR tiles and extract features based on a form factor algorithm.  Due to the size of the dataset, I'm running 3 of the models concurrently in seperate instances of ArcCatalog. 

When running the model on my local Windows XP machine the processes seem to crash after 120 or so iterations.  On our Windows 2008 R2 server running CITRIX the processes seem to be more stable, but are still crashing after an extended period.

I've isolated the models as much as possible (each process reads and writes to its own file geodatabase, in_memory writes are to variables with unique names) but I'm still seeing crashes (not errors, but all out program failure).

Can anyone enlighten me on how ARC instances manage memory?  Are they each using a seperate address space for in_memory writes? 

Also, does anyone know if there are plans to implement multi-threading, or even distributed processing in future versions of ArcGIS/ ArcGIS Server?  It would be really awesome if ESRI could link up ArcGIS clients with ArcGIS Server instances as host controlers for distributed computing. 

Ideally something that could be implemented in Model builder so big jobs could be run aginst a server, which would kick pieces of the job out to idle machines running ArcGIS.