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Discussion created by mhoyland on May 12, 2011
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The Selection widget has a "Select by Attributes" and "Select by Location" option similar to ArcGIS.
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Version 1.5 of the widget replaces version 1.0

Enhancements and fixes include:
*Each time a query layer was added it was also being added to the TOC. This has been fixed.

*When resizing the widget, the datgrid would not resize properly. This has been fixed.

*Uses paging for selection of unique value list. This means that ALL values will be parsed regardless of the ArcGISServer setting to limit responses. There is an option to ESC out of a large query. (This is only for the Unique list, not getting features).
I have included an ESRI TaxParcel Layer that has 18,000+ records. Get Unique Values on the PSTLSTATE field to see this in action.
Available on my example site. The URL is on the Widget download page.

*Aliases can now be used. It will now use the Alias as set in the Featureclass. You can also override the Alias in the SelectionWidget.xml config file.

*ArcGis layers that have joined tables will now work with fully qualified field names. (thanks Dasa for the idea)

*Styling for selection colours has been documented in the SelectionWidget.xml config file (example provided).

*Styling for datagrid has been changed. It can now also be styled in SelectionWidget.xml config file (example provided). (thanks Mehul for the idea)

*Changed initial uniquevalue query to use "text='%'" instead of "where '1=1'" for Mike.:)

*You can now override scale range for layers.

*Link field now has a prefix/suffix option in the SelectionWidget.xml config file (naming convention the same as Robert SCheitlin's esearch widget)

*Shape_area and Shape_length can be used in the fields.

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