JSAPI compact build availability and size

Discussion created by rikke on May 12, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by DSwingley-esristaff

I have developed a lightweight viewer that is to be used as an embedded object in some database applications created in other parts of my organisation. Now that it is working, I am trying to use the compact build to reduce the download size (I purposefully do not use much dojo in the mini-app) and have a couple of issues:

1. Loading from "http://serverapi.arcgisonline.com/jsapi/arcgis/?v=2.2compact" returns 403-forbidden, while the older version ((i.e. v=2.1 and v=2.0) do work fine. Why is that?

2. In the documentation (see FAQ under "Inside the API") it mentions that the download size is appealingly small, ~30kb. However, in pointing to v=2.1 the download is app 114kb. Why is it so "big"?

Thanks for any light that can be shed on these queries...