Feature layers don't re-project in map

Discussion created by tjrourke on May 5, 2011
Latest reply on May 6, 2011 by DSwingley-esristaff
We have been using the old street map layer from ArcGIS Online as a base map for some time in out web applications. We want to be able to use the basemap gallery widget to allow users to change the basemap using other layers from ArcGIS Online. We need to move to the base maps in the Web Mercator projection, but all our internal data is still stored in decimal degrees.

The API documentation says that non-tiled layers re-project on the fly, so I tried using the newer World Street Map layer as a base map and overlay our data layers on top as feature layers. They do not re-project, even though they display properly in ArcMap when loaded on top of the World Street Map layer. I have tried all available transformations for the re-projection in the map document, but the JavaScript API always displays our data using the decimal degree coordinates.

I then created new map services based on map documents that display the layers in the Web Mercator projection through transformation. Even these map services fail to be re-projected on the fly in the JavaScript API.

Has anyone else had this problem and resolved it? Or doesn't this feature work yet?