Opening up an old VBA form via Add-In

Discussion created by deleted-user-yA_w_FC9FKe5 on Apr 27, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2011 by jeffhamblin
Okay I am really new to the whole Add-In and I am trying to go baby steps to move over.  What I would like to do is try to make the conversion slowly over to or C#.  Since I am a VB guy I am going with VB.Net.  However, I don't understand VB.Net it actually really confuses me for some reason.

Anyway, It seems as though my code still works in 10.0 but while my menus came in, none of my buttons came in when opening up my old 9.3 mxd in 10.0.  Please keep in mind I have well over 50,000 pages of code to convert.  We have a lot invested into VBA. 

My problem:
I was trying to us Add-ins to create a button to call my forms.  I've gotten my button to post a message "Hello World".  I've even created another button that allows me to add some shapefiles in.  Yeah.  However, what I really really need right now is to be able to call these forms.  It would save me tremendous time and allow me to do this conversion slowly while giving my users the latest mxd functionality. 

So how can I do this????  Thanks in advance.