Convert grid to dbf (in XYZ format)

Discussion created by gerardlee on Apr 24, 2011
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anyone help pls. pls also note that i do not know python and command line scripts. ( i am just starting reading on python though.

i tried using Spatial Analyst > Extraction > Sample tool to do above ,but failed.

what i did was to input my raster in  both the INPUT RASTER and INPUT LOCATION RASTER OR POINT FEATURES, and output table as default.

after running this, it was deemed successful but i cant find this file anywhere. tired clipping to a much smaller area as i thought size might be a issue, but to no avail.

i then tried using EXTRACT VALUES TO POINTS,  as i thought i can covert this results to a XYZ format later. but i am totally confused what i should do with INPUT POINT FEATURES. what is the purposes of this parameter and what field / attribute table should this look like , considering i need XYZ format as a final product?

any help or pointing me to any helpful website is much appreciated. thanks ppl for reading.