Selection of 3d-points (x/y/z) by line feature

Discussion created by drunken84 on Apr 20, 2011
Good day!

I want to select and export 3d-points (x/y/z coordinates). They're all included in one shapefile. For the selection, I want to use a line feature which represents a city limit. The line feature is situated in another shapefile. Trying the selection via "Select by location" doesn't produce any result. I guess the problem here are the "z" values of the points, which the line feature does not have. Is there any possibility to select the points using another function? I've got the point coordinates as .txt files and imported this data. Is it possible to import the x/y values only, make the selection, cut the selected points and then update the "z" values afterwards?

I'd really appreciate any help with this! Thanks a lot!

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