Problem with pinpointing on map

Discussion created by uknowit on Apr 17, 2011
Hi, I will be using an ESRI map API component done by Singapore developers, OneMap API ( Majority of the controls in ESRI example cant work with OneMap API.. I had used the one of the method in ArcGIS website, which is here. I need to use my converted SVY21 (WKID = 3414) values to pinpoint on OneMap API. I used the website mentioned above, Under Create a point and specify an infoTemplate, to pinpoint but it wouldn't show any points. Anyone help?

From Under Create a point and specify an infoTemplate <- to pinpoint a location

var myPoint = {"geometry":{"x":-29535.0995308659,"y":28912.1833258747,                <- 29535.0995308659,28912.1833258747 as it's wkid:3414
"spatialReference":{"wkid":3414}},"attributes":{"XCoord":-104.4140625,             <- 3414 as its singapore's wkid
"YCoord":69.2578125,"Plant":"Mesa Mint"},"symbol":{"color":[255,0,0,128],
"infoTemplate":{"title":"Vernal Pool Locations","content":"Latitude: ${YCoord} <br/>
  Longitude: ${XCoord} <br/> Plant Name:${Plant}"}};
var gra= new esri.Graphic(myPoint);