Dynamic map does not draw/overlay properly on cached map?

Discussion created by cindylu on Apr 15, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2011 by cindylu

I have a issue with my dynamic map overlay on cached map service. I have a cached map service act as my base map. Then I have 3 more dynamic map services on top of it. I am doing query on the data and the map will zoom to the query results. But I once it finished the query, the javascript will zoom in to an area with base map and one dynamic service on top of it. Then strange things happened: The dynamic map will refresh again to the full extent and displayed the dynamic map on the base map without proper overlay (base map zoomed to a area, while dynamic map zoomed to the full extent). It happened to me few times, but not all the time.

Can anyone have a clue what is wrong here?

I highly appreciate any help from you!