setting model/toolbox workspace and temp output space

Discussion created by mhouts on Apr 12, 2011
I have been using model builder (9.3) for a couple years for myself, but now have a set of models I want to share and need help getting the workspace and temp output paths set.  I have a series of 7 models to complete a complex process nested in one toolbox.  Each model only asks for 1 or 2 inputs as I have the output names hard coded for easy naming and referencing.  I want a way for a new user to set the output location for all data sets (intermediate and finals) so that when the model calls for an intermediate file created earlier in the model, it looks in the right place.  Also, when testing on a second computer, the temp directory I built the model in was not present on machine2 so the model would not even run. 

Im sure Im missing something pretty basic, but I would like to get it so a user only has to set the work environment once (for the whole toolbox) but setting each model would be ok if thats how it needs to be done. 

Thanks, Mike