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Survey123 Pulldata CSV Performance

Question asked by Oharani54 on Oct 15, 2020
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We are creating a public web Survey123 that pulls in a considerable amount of data to use in the survey. The survey is designed to ask hunters about their deer harvest numbers for several seasons, hunting units, and hunting tag types. The goal is to have this be one singular survey. In order to ensure data quality, we want limit choice list, control relevancy of questions, and input constraints that are unique to that hunter and what type of hunting they did. This way hunters aren't answering questions for seasons or hunting units they did not posses. We have all this information in our SQL database and I translate it to a CSV document to use in Survey123. We then hookup the pulldata functionality and the whole thing comes to a standstill with load times that are excessively long. The Survey123 web page/connect will go not responding and crash. The CSV has about 50,000 rows with 100s of columns. Does anyone have a better way of importing data from a database into Survey123 to create public surveys that are tailored to the user or is this simply exceeding the capabilities of Survey123?