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Discussion created by cschafer5 on Apr 11, 2011
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Hey There,

I'm getting an error with one of my queries and am not sure why. I get the results I want when I query most of my layers with or without a geometry, but there is one layer that I can query without a geometry but get the #2032 error when I query with a geometry.                   

var queryLayer:String = rbeQueryLayer;
    var queryTask:QueryTask = new QueryTask(queryLayer);
    var query:Query = new Query();
    queryTask.disableClientCaching = true;
    query.outFields                = queryFields.split(",");
    query.returnGeometry           = true;
    queryTask.useAMF               = false;
    if(borderCheckBox.selected == true){
     query.geometry = borderGeom;

The URL to the Layer I am getting an error with is...

Everything else seems to be working but this one.