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Does cache expire in on interaction cache mode?

Question asked by on Oct 8, 2020
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Using 100.7. Scenario is user views a map extent with on interaction cache mode and then someone else deletes a feature that is in that extent. We are seeing that features which are deleted by someone else stay cached locally and visible long after the features are gone. I'm testing this scenario right now, going on about 17 hours after the feature was deleted. Newly added features or features which are moved -- those changes get picked up immediately upon slight change of the extent, but deleted features stay. Is this the expected behavior?  Even identifying on that feature and the service responding that it doesn't exist doesn't remove it. Moving the map entirely somewhere else and coming back also doesn't refresh it.


Just curious if this deleted feature is expected to remain indefinitely in this "on interaction cache" mode? In order to clear it would the user have to restart the application or the code would have to manually clear the cache? I think our expectation was that the cache would expire at some point.


If I would adjust the cachePolicy - Enums.NetworkCachePolicy, would this change this behavior? I realize this via QML is accessible only from 100.8, which is why I haven't tried it.