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Can't open widget programatically in Launchpad Theme in "Configure App" after changing scene

Question asked by levmichael on Oct 2, 2020

In WEB AppBuilder (Developer Edition) 2.17, Launchpad Theme, 3D scene,

I open a custom-widget from within LayerList widget by calling the function BaseWidget.openWidgetById and after the promise returns, LayerList widget calls some function inside that custom-widget..


It works well, but when I'm inside WAB and I open the app by clicking "Configure App", and then I change Scene, the custom-widget is not opened, i.e. the promise does not return.

Indeed, if afterwards I click on the icon of that custom-widget, the promise "awakes" and returns and the function inside that custom-widget is called from within LayerList widget.


I suspect that this phenomenon stems from the fact that in Launchpad Theme, after changing Scene, widgets-panel classes names are changed, and since only the scene had changed and I don't see a reason to change the class names, may be it's a bug in Launchpad Theme?


My question - How to achieve that in Launchpad Theme, also in "configure app" mode after changing Scene, the custom-widget will be opened from within LayerList widget? (maybe if I can set that widgets-panel classes names will not be changed when changing scene, it'll also solve the problem)