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MicaSense RedEdge Camera Data Process

Question asked by LDOT00311280 on Sep 30, 2020

1. Can Drone2Map do Radiometric Processing and Calibration to get radiance and use MicaSense Reflectance Calibration Panel to get reflectance values like Pix4D?


2. The vegetation and soil indices are calculated based on raw pixel values (digital numbers) in Drone2Map. This makes comparison of data of different areas and/or different date of acquisition not possible. It would be better if we can calculate these indices using the reflectance values.


3. After data processing, only data in red, green, blue, and NIR bands are available. Why is Red Edge band data NOT available/shown?


4. According to Dronw2Map online help documents, there is Image Information Pane under the Tools group on the Analysis tab, but I couldn't find it.