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Share as Web Layer - tiles not showing on Web Map

Question asked by chayCWC on Sep 29, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2020 by chayCWC

I have just contacted support about this issue but thought I would post it here as well. Not sure what is going on, if I'm missing something or there is a problem somewhere else.


  • Tiles not showing on web map
  • Unable to publish tiles


Steps taken:

  • In ArcGIS Pro:
    • Generate Tile Cache Tiling Scheme tool used, appears to be successful
    • Share As Web Layer > Publish Web Layer, also appears to run successfully
  • In ArcGIS Online:
    • View Tile Layer (hosted) in Web Map (does not appear on map, even when add other point data that is in the same geographic location)
    • Go to the Tile Layer (hosted) > Settings > Publish Tiles (tiles show and can be selected, but clicking Publish Tiles button loads for a while and stops but nothing happens)


Other notes:

  • Worked fine before updated to current ArcGIS Pro version (was 2.3.3. before when worked, updated to 2.6.1 and now does not work)
  • Currently the Tile Layer (hosted) does seem to show content in the Thumbnail (but not on a web map)
  • Found a similar problem on GeoNet, suggested solution was to contact support: