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Select multiple question based on selection of choices in previous question

Question asked by iyengars_WHO on Sep 23, 2020
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Hi folks, 


Per my attached form (row 49), I'm trying to create a select multiple question which provides a choice list based on a subset of previously selected choices. This is normally possible in other xlsform-based systems, but I can't seem to make this feature work in Survey123. Could you please advise? Is this feature available? Is there a syntax error that I've missed?


The idea of this form is to ask the respondent what types of devices they are using and then to select their three most important devices for further questions. Given the number of items we need respondents to choose from in the preceding question, it is important that we are able to provide a subset of choices to facilitate ranking.


The current form loads without error, but the final question (using the choice filter) does not load.


Thanks in advance!



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