Adding images to a survey using pulldata()

09-15-2020 06:33 PM
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I am wondering if there is a way to add multiple pictures to a multiple note questions using an external csv that contains the file names? #

The idea is when the user enters the site ID number, 3 individual reference photos will populate the 3 photo questions so that the user can identify features when they visit a site. Each site has different photos which will match to the site ID.  I have all the images in my media folder and have copied those file names into my csv. Using a calculate question I have a pulldata() to populate those file names, then have a note question with media::image column referencing the calculate question. This does not work, I'm assuming because the media::image column must contain the specific file name with the .jpg, ect extension. Is there a different method I can use to accomplish this? Perhaps a different formula combo?

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Carriel,

That's right, the media::image column in the XLSForm does not accomodate expressions (this includes referencing a previous question), so a different formula combo is not going to help here.

This would be a valid enhancement request and I'd encourage you to submit this suggestion via the Survey123 Ideas page on GeoNet and/or The Support team will provide an enhancement number for your records, then similar requests from other customers can added. This helps us assess demand for the enhancement and prioritize it accordingly.


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Thank you for the clarification and quick response!