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Maintain GIS attributes in AutoCAD when copying items from one file to another file.

Question asked by aulliman_ui_uidaho_admin on Aug 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by aulliman_ui_uidaho_admin

I have polygons and points in a drawing file that contain GIS attributes.  I would like to move those polygons to another drawing file, retaining all the attribute data.  What is the best method for accomplishing this?  I have tried ctrl+c, copybase and wblocking.  After wblocking and inserting the block into another file (after importing schema so the feature layer is already defined), I have polygons that contain attributes but the data that went with each polygon in the original drawing did not carry over.  Is there a way to copy polygons or points from one drawing to another and maintain the attribute data for each polygon? Thanks.

      AutoCAD 2020, ArcGIS for AutoCAD add-on ver 400, Windows 10